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Custom Tag Mount

I have wanted to get rid of that contraption of a tag mount that comes stock on the Versys. And there are not very many options to change it, and they are ridiculously overpriced. So I decided to make my own. It took…

Shorty Levers

I ordered a  set of shorty levers from Amazon for $39.99, they are for 2009-2014 Versys. They both fit perfect but, you have to use the brass insert for the clutch. The brake will not push the switch in so the brake light stays…

Moving the horn out of the way

I don’t like the way the OEM horn hangs out in the wind, so I just rotated it up out of the way.

Upgrade to LED Headlights

I have always upgraded my bikes to HID’s, they are needed for back road night riding. Also they make road markings and street signs glow in the dark. The only downside is the time to warm up, so I wanted to try LED’s…